About Me

My name is Sanjidah, I am a 20something year old from London. I absolutely love make up, skincare, and anything that makes my skin feel soft as a babies bum!! I needed something to help release all my creative juices (sounds gross) so I created Little Beauty Blogger.

I have graduated from University studying to be a teacher but realised it wasn't for me, thinking it's too late to change I sort of gave up and for a whole year I was dully and almost in a zombiefied state working at the part time job I had gotten 3 years ago and hated with a passion. As time went on I became more and more miserable, grumpy and just a crap human to be around. I decided enough is enough and QUIT my job!

I just knew I needed to do something FUN!

I am a huge watcher of YouTube and have been watching YouTube for a veryyy veryy long time, I discovered many YouTubers and Bloggers and always thought this looks like soooo much fun and it was right up my street. I plucked up the courage after a long time of thinking about and asked family and friends if I should do it and I was pleasantly surprised by their response! Everyone thought it was perfect for me! So here I am now fighting my fears and putting myself out there!

I'm super excited and I cannot wait to start posting regularly.