Dior Forever

Let’s talk about make up quickly!

The older I get the more fun I'm starting to have with make up! Playing with colours, brands and products is now one of my favourite things to do. But one thing I like to keep consistent with is foundation. For me, foundation (& powder) is the most important element to avoiding a cakey face. Of course, there are other things that come into play but you can never go wrong with a good foundation that satisfies your needs.

I want to talk about my all-time favourite foundation! DIOR FOREVER! Yes, it's more of a luxury brand and product but I think it is definitely in my top 5. I have bought 4 bottles of these and I cannot get enough.

I have been using this foundation for years now, and every now and then I would switch it up, buy a new foundation, get too excited about the new ones and forget about the Dior Forever. But somehow, I always find myself running back to my trusted Dior Forever and remember exactly why I love it so much and think about how silly I am to neglect it.

The consistency of this foundation is perfect, it isn’t light coverage so it's not too runny or watery but it's also not full coverage where you feel like you literally have icing on your face (we all know that feeling ladies). It's somewhere in-between and is 100% buildable yet very light weight which I love because Lord knows some areas of my face definitely need more coverage than other areas. It glides on so smoothly and if you're going for a natural look one pump is 
more than enough, and doesn't feel tacky once on. It doesn't sit on my pores or settle in-between them, which helps to make the face look flawless (every girls dream) but that could have something to do with how I apply it too, I always use the Real Techniques Miracle complexion sponge and it's just perfect. Anyhoo 10/10 for consistency.

I was super impressed with the colour match, the first time I bought this foundation was in Selfridges in London. I was given a dark colour that did not match my skin tone at all, I believe the colour was 040 - Honey Beige when my colour is 030 - Medium Beige. I always get given a darker shade in ALL foundations and all brands, which is annoying because it means I have to spend twice as much. Here is a little screenshot of the colours and the difference between the two.

Left is the wrong shade and right is correct shade.

Once I got the correct colour it was a perfect match!! Yes, it does oxidize but not to an extent where I look orange. Oxidation with this foundation softens the colour and helps it to look more natural. 10/10 for colour!

The foundation comes in a 30ml bottle which is fairly decent and because you don't need too much it lasts a long time. Comes with a pump which is pretty standard, but I sort of wish it came with wand/brush, I think a lot of product can be saved that way but it’s not the biggest issue. I haven't got a bad thing to say about packaging, as you can see from the picture, it looks high end and very elegant. Because it's DIOR, a huge brand, you cannot expect the product to be cheap. It retails at £35 and is up there with all the great competitors. Yes, it's a lot but I would say that’s £35 well spent because price says a lot about how good the product is.  I'm going to score it 9/10 for both price and packaging.

Now of course, we need to know if it last well throughout the day! On a normal day, I don't powder too heavily so the foundation sort of has freedom to move around, especially since I geth very oily. But what you need to keep in mind is I do not prime my skin every day and I do not use a setting spray every day. So, if I have the foundation on for 8 hours or more and come to look at the mirror at the end of the day my face is still looking pretty flawless, some movement from the foundation around my T-zone and a little creasing under the eyes buy that’s my fault for not priming or setting it my make up properly. Even when I'm dressing up my face for a special occasion e.g. weddings, parties, dinners etc. I always prime and always set my makeup. By the end of the night my face is still looking pretty decent and flawless. Due to the natural oils, some shine does appear but it doesn't ruin the look (aside from the creasing under the eyes). This is why I love the foundation, it comes through when you really need it. I'm going to score it a 10/10 on longevity.

I think you all know by now how I feel about this foundation. Whenever I had Dior on my face, I used to get customers asking me what foundation am I wearing and I always recommended it to people. It's really just a great foundation for not only a natural, everyday look but also a glammed up look for the night. I'm going to leave some links on where you can get it from because it makes me so happy and I know it will make you happy too. Click on the first link to get information on the formula, ingredients, tip etc. and the second link to get it slightly cheaper. Adding everything up, the foundation scored a huge 48/50. I don’t think I need to say anymore!