L'Oreal Micellar Water

When I first started playing around with make up I used soap and water to wash it all away (SHOCK HORROR). Yes I too cannot believe I did that! I really had no idea but in my defence I was only 15! I'm sure 15 year old's in this day and age would know better and never use the things I did, e.g. baby wipes and sometimes coconut oil, which isn't that bad but not the best thing if you already have super oily skin like me. These methods were just clogging up my pores and I desperately needed something that was light on my skin and didn't make me feel like I had a thick layer of dirt on my face.
After speaking to my amazing friend, (who was doing her beauty training at the time) I was recommended the L'Oreal Micellar Water. I was confused! WATER? How was that going to do anything?! I was wrong to question it. I loved it!! It was so easy to use and wasn't that expensive either. I've been using the product for about 8 years now, not religiously anymore, but every now and then.

Here's a little information on what the product actually is and does... 
A make up remover 'made with purified water from an advanced purification process, and combined micelles that capture impurities, for effective cleansing which is gentle on sensitive skin'
It removes make up from the face, eyes, and lips (it says without rubbing but not going to lie - rubbing is needed). It's great for sensitive skin and does not irritate the eyes whatsoever, always good in my books.

Now on the Superdrug Website it claims the product:
CLEANSES: Delicately captures impurities.
SOOTHES: Calms skin and prevents irritation.
I don't know about capturing impurities, but I do know that it doesn't leave my pores feeling clogged, does feel moisturising though. It does not contain any alcohol or perfume, which is great for senstive skin.

So I want to talk about packaging, it changed recently... the new packaging is great, it now comes in a huge 400ml bottle that last a long long time, a nice big, round bottle with a secure lid. I couldn't remember how big the old bottle was, so I checked online and it was a 200ml bottle. I'm not sure which one you prefer but I like the new one! 10/10 on this one 👍 Wait.. it gets better...

Price is one of the qualities that help me decide whether to go ahead with the purchase! I usually pop into a Superdrug store near me and buy a bottle and it cost me £5.99! Absolute bargain if you ask me and of course Superdrug do various promotional offers that usually always help with decision making! I wanted to see how much the 200ml bottle is in Superdrug but couldn't seem to find it online or in store, assuming it has been discontinued. However, I did find it on the Beauty Base website- It's on offer for £2.99 at the moment but says it WAS £4.99!! £4.99 for a 200ml bottle!! Compared to the new one - That is double the product for nearly the same price! 10/10 from me for the new bottle 👍

I always think consitency and whether it's easy to apply is important in skincare, if it's too thick then you're going to have to wash and rinse everything later (which can be a pain). Now since this is a Micellar WATER, it's pretty obvious what the consistency is like - Watery and it doesn't have colour so no mess! For application I use Superdrug's own brand round cotton pads which is super cheap and easy to use (I used to use 5-7 pads). ---->
One thing I will say is if you accidently get too much of the water on your cotton pad you aint getting that back girl! Be generous but not too generous. 10/10 it is what it says on the labels 👍

How it intially feels on the skin is quite a big one for me. If a product stings as I'm applying it then it's a no from me! But with this product it definately leaves a soothing feeling to the skin and doesn't irritate the skin or the eyes which is a dream! Probably because of the 'No Alcohol and No Perfume' thing. But it does get tacky if you use too much and face starts feeling a bit grubby. After about an hour or so my skin does feel well moistorised so there is a plus side. 6/10 do not like the grubby feeling 👀

Finally the end result. Lets talk about whether it actually does what it say's. So it claims to dissolve the make up, which means it breaks down whatever product you have on your face making it easy to lift off. Recently, I decided to test it. I removed my make up with L'Oreal Micellar Water as thoroughly as I could, using nearly 10 cotton pads and a lot of rubbing on the skin. It looked really clean (but that grubby feeling, ergh). Then I soaked a muslin clothe in a nice bowl of hot water and grabbed my trusted face cleanser, Purity by Philosophy (blogpost coming soon 😉) and very slowly wiped across my face and discovered that there was still a lot of make up left on my face. The micellar water did not dissolve and lift anything but just spread it across my face. Don't get me wrong - majority of the make up was removed using the micellar water but my face was not fully clean and make up free. This horrified me as you can imagine. So for the end result I'm giving the product a 4/10 as it wasn't the greatest make up remover. 👎

During the time I discovered the product, I would use nothing else after it because I thought my face was all clean and make up free. However, now that I am older and wiser I only use the product if I am feeling lazy and 3 cotton pads are sufficient as I cleanse and exfoliate my skin straight after using other products.

My overall thoughts on this product is that it's great for when you're feeling lazy in the moment but you will 100% need to go for a send cleanse with something else. Overall, the L'Oreal Micellar Water scored 40/50. Which is not actually too bad for a drug store make up remover 👌