Purity by Philosophy

I must tell you about this product! I swear it is amazing and I love it soo much.
Let me introduce to you my favourite make remover/cleanser: Philosophy Purity Made Simple. It's basically a one-step daily facial cleanser that removes makeup, cleanses, tones and lightly hydrates the skin. It also dissolves dirt, oil and makeup to deep clean pores while maintaining the skin's proper moisture levels. It's super gentle to the eye area and even for the most sensitive skin. I came about this product 3 or 4 years ago, when I was watching a YouTube video on skincare by Jacklyn Hill and she was saying nothing but great stuff about this product!! I was actually interested in the products she was using because I was on the search for something that can help my face look flawless without make up. But because Jacklyn was saying nothing but good stuff I genuinely thought it was a sponsored video but she explained how it's great for sensitive skin - anything that is great for sensitive skin is great for regular skin too so I decided to check out some reviews.
EVERYONE WAS SAYING GREAT STUFF. I was thinking it's too good to be true but heck I bought it anyway haha AND it changed my life!

First off, the consistency of the product is great, it's thick and creamy which means it's easily spreadable over the face. Even with a small amount - it goes a long way. Once you start lathering it onto the skin with your finger it starts to foam but not excessively, TBH the foam is barely there. However, when I use my electric facial cleansing brush I notice more foaming action which makes me feel like it's really being worked into my skin. I'm giving consistency a 10/10

The application of the product is entirely up to you, as I mentioned, I have used my fingers, I have used an electric facial cleansing brush and I have used an exfoliating sponge and all have worked perfectly and the end result was always the same. I think that’s the beauty of the product, you can use anything you want to help cleanse your face and keep your skin feeling fresh. As it's not a watery consistency whatever applicator you use the product will not get lost within it. 10/10 LOVE IT!

It comes in 3 different sizes as far as I'm aware, 90ml, 240ml and 480ml. I currently have the 480ml and it has lasted almost a year now and I still have a quarter of the product left which is the best because I get to save a lot, money wise. I have had all three sizes, I started off with the 90ml as I didn’t want to go straight in with the biggest bottle in case I hated it - LOGIC. It lasted about 3-4 months depending on how often I used it. The more I used it, the more I liked it which meant every 3-4 months I was spending nearly £10 on this product so I decided to move onto the 240ml. This lasted about 6-7 months maybe longer but I realised that I would be saving way more if I just bought the 480ml which would last almost a year maybe longer AND trust me it does. I think the sizes are odd because who has 90ml of something when you can round it to 100ml LOL I don't know and also, it's a huge jump from each size. But the products last a long time so for that I'm cool with the weirdness. I'm giving it a 10/10

Now let’s talk about the price, like I said in a previous blog, price is one of the huge deciders for me, but one thing that can persuade me is if the product does an amazing job. This is why I slowly ended up buying the bigger bottle for a bigger price. The cleanser starts off at £8.50 for the 90ml which is affordable and not really that bad, but if it runs out every 3 months, this means I would be spending £34 a year. The 240ml is £18 (£7.50 per 100ml) which is still ok but it's becoming slightly more expensive and if I’m repurchasing every 6 months, I would be spending £36 a year. The 480ml bottle is £29.50 is more on the higher range of the scale but you're paying £6.15 per 100ml, and as I mentioned it’s lasts a long time, nearly a whole year. So compared to the 90ml, I’m saving £4.50 a year and the compared to the 240ml I’m saving £6.50 a year. I'm not going to lie every time I run out of the bottle I hate it because I would be spending nearly £30 on a product that I've had for so long when I could've bought something else new and exciting. You do get what you pay for though so it's not all bad. I'm going to give it an 8/10

The initial feeling on the skin is pretty nice, it's super creamy and smooth, it’s easy to spread across the face and has a light soapy smell which helps the fresh feeling but doesn't cause irritation. It's amazing on eyes and doesn't sting unless it actually goes in, of course. But it's not too bad. It removes tough water proof mascara and stubborn liquid lipsticks. Once its lathered, I just wash it away with water and honestly guys it not only feels soo smooth and clean but looks it too. I also put this product to the test just like the other product in my previous blogpost. After rinsing my face, I took a clean, white round cotton pad, making sure my face is still wet, I wiped from forehead to chin and had a look to see if there was any make up on the pad, I was very happy and relieved to see that in front of me was a clean but wet cotton pad, I expected a little make up on the pad but NOPE, nothing at all. The end result was better than expected. So a huge 10/10

I know my test probably isn't the most reliable one haha, but it reassures me so I'm happy with it. Overall, the product got a 48/50. I don't think I can say anymore great stuff about it guys. Out of curiosity I went and bought the product and now I cannot live without it. Keeps my skin in check and I haven't had a bad breakout in a long, long time - Alhamdulillah. Guys trust me! Go get it, even if it's the small one, try it, you will not look back, ever again!!


  1. Omg just what I'm looking for, where can I purchase it from?

    1. You can get from the Boots website Fay. Www.boots.com x


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