Clarins One Step Gental Exfoliating Cleanser

I went and bought a load of Clarins product after doing an interview with them. Some of the things I learnt about for the interview, really got me interested in the actual products. So, I decided to head to a Boots store somewhere in London and just take a look. I asked the sales assistant to give me something that keeps my skin feeling smooth, reducing any textures and pores (because that will always be my issue) she got extremely excited and pulled out 5 or 6 products that were very, very expensive. Of course, I was being polite about it but I was actually really annoyed, I just wanted a solution, a quick answer. Instead, here she is, pushing all these products in my face, confusing me more than ever. Long story short, I ended up buying the exfoliator and the moisturiser. Today's review will be on the exfoliator.

First, a little bit about the product...
The brand is well known for its use of natural ingredients from plants and I really like the concept. The One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser has orange extract and some Shea tree and Moringa seed extract. While the first is famous for its antioxidant rich oils, the other is well known for purifying river water and Clarins use it to 'encourage the elimination of pollution particles'. The orange extract, which is the main ingredient, works to soften, refresh and revive the skin. It cleanses and exfoliates, gently removing anything that makes the skin look dull. It is suitable for all skin types and contains small tiny beads that deeply remove dirt and make up. How to use it: on wet skin, lathering it in using your finger tips.

The contistency of the product is quite nice, it's creamy and runs over the skin quite nicely. The tiny beads feel really gentle as you scrub. But if you're like me and you like the feeling of the first layer of skin being scrapped off then you'll probably use more than the average person. Due to the creaminess, the beads feel less effective and the use of more product occurs, which could mean you're using it up quicker than expected. I'm going to say 4/10 only because I like to feel like I need a little bit more roughness.

While lathering it in, you get that fresh orange/spa scent that makes you feel like you have just had a nice, deep cleanse, which is lovely. I like the smell and it doesn't irritate my skin but others with sensitive skin may feel the opposite. If you get it in your eye though, it is the worst feeling, it stings like a B*!#H and I hate every time it gets close to the eyes, fearing I will become blind, but it is easily washes out so no big deal. After rinsing the face, it feels refreshed, smooth and looks glowly just like it said it would. Washing your face with it everyday helps to maintain that smoothness and glowlyness and my skin doesn't get bored of it and gives me the same results each time. For that I'm saying 7/10

The packaging is pretty good, comes in a 125ml tube, easy to squeeze and it looks like it can be unscrewed (haven't tried it yet) so no product will get left behind. I have had it since May 2017 and I still have a quarter left, I reckon that could last another month or two, which is 6 months overall, not bad. Not much else to say about the packaging, pretty standard, not very eye catching but simple and easy to read the information on the tube. 7/10 

The price! Now, I have bought other exfoliators before this and I'm sure it wasn't as pricey. It cost £21, I get that it's a product that has been carefully put together for the best results but it may not work for everyone. For me, the price is one of the downsides to this product, but you get what you paid for. It gets a 3/10

I don't think I have much else to say about the product, I do like the brand and the concept it brings forward. However, The One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser probably isn’t the best-selling product. Due to its creamy consistency, more product is used which means it could finish quicker, it stings the eyes, but does feel smooth and looks glowly after rinsing. Packaging is not too bad, just a standard tube really, but the price is big. My overall thoughts are that it did the job but I don’t think I'll buy it again and maybe go for something more heavy on the skin, so I feel like it's making a difference. Overall, it scored 21/40.... Not the best score for one of the top leading brands, a little bit disappointed.
If I’ve missed anything out or if you would like me to speak more on it please leave a comment.