Fenty Beauty... Worth The Hype???

I HAVE IT! The Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation!!!

I was really excited to try this, I hadn't read about it, or didn't know anything about it, my sister just told me it is the best thing she's ever put on her face and that’s all it took to convince me to buy it. It was a long wait in the queue but I got it.

Let’s start with the packaging, as you can its the box it comes it gives me a very 'BadGalRiRi' vibe, like rebellious yet chic, but the bottle itself is super plain and simple. I sort of expected something a bit out there and wacky but I guess Simple is the best way to go, it comes with a pump and one pump is truly enough. The price isn't too bad either for a high-end foundation, £26 for 32ml which is actually bigger than some of the foundations I currently have. It's not the most affordable, but seriously there are some foundations out there that aren't even that good that cost £30-£35! I'm going to give it a 7/10.

In terms of colour matching, it's difficult to say, normally I'm good with getting the right colour for myself. When the beauty consultant gives me a shade I always get one shade lighter. It has happened tooo many times where I ask to get colour matched and leave with a dark shade because they compare it to my chin way too often and it just doesn’t look natural and I look like I've just fake tanned myself 100 times. But this time round I forgot!!!! It's slightly orange, but summer is over and I do not have a tan anymore and I do get very pale in the winter (as pale as a brown skin girl would get LOL) so this shade in 330 Warm is definitely the wrong shade. Luckily, for me, the foundation doesn't oxidise for me so I like that. The fact that it doesn't match my skin isn't the brands fault because they have around 30 shades, so there will be a match for me I just have to look for it. For the colour im going to say 3 but for the variety of colours they have and the fact that it doesn't oxidise I'm going to say 4, so together it's an 7/10.

The consistency is the one that shocked me the most, as I said the only person I properly heard this from was my sister, she told me it's such good coverage and you don't need to use too because less is more with this foundation. So, I expected it to be similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation! How wrong I was!!! One pump on the back of my hand and it was running down like water!! It's similar consistency to NARS Luminous Foundation but the affect was different. When I applied it to my face it went soooo smoothly, and looked quite natural, it dried Matte which helped with covering blemishes and scars. I did feel like my beauty blender kind of soaked up a lot of the product because it was too runny and thing but it felt sooo weightless on my face! I forgot I have it on and rubbed my chin an hour later but the Matteness really helped to keep it on my face so I was very impressed! For consistency, I'm saying 8/10 because of the soaking up of the sponge it may require me to use more than intended, for application on the face I'm saying 9/10.

Throughout the day I was running a few errands and chores and didn't have time to powder much, I had it on for a good 5-6 hours. It did start breaking away only a little bit around my T-zone but I am super oily and didn't powder. It did start getting a little shiny around my chin and a little on the rest of my face but I'm shocked it stayed on that long without powder which none of my current foundations do!! For that I'm saying 9/10 
Overall, I think Rihanna did a great job with the Foundation! Packaging and price is decent, you get what you pay for! The colour match wasn’t good for me but as I said there are around 30 colours so I'll find mine next time. The consistency shocked me but I like that it's lightweight and does give way that easily, and the application on the face it near to perfection. It last a good 5-6 hours without powder but with some touching up through I think it could last a lot longer! It scored a 40/50 which is actually really good!

I really want the rest of the makeup she’s bought out and as soon as I get my hands on them I am definitely going to do a blog post on it!